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IECI helps Managers to successfully implement difficult or delicate change initiatives.


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Reconciling Economic and Social imperatives

The ambition of IECI is to reconcile economic and social imperatives. This ambition stems from our conviction that the economic performance of any change program only partly depends on the "mechanics" of the solution being implemented. The final outcome depends even more on how much attention is focused on the details of the implementation and the manner in which those who are affected by the change are associated in the process.

We work on a large range of subjects. They go from quite technical, such as increasing productivity in industrial processes, to the very social, such as restoring confidence between the parties following a social crisis and also include subjects such as design of major organizational changes and management support.

The common denominator in all of these situations is that we stick to our unique profession: helping Managers to successfully implement difficult or delicate change initiatives.

Between our pragmatism and our ability to innovate, our focus on attaining business objectives while integrating the realities on the ground, our greatest pride comes from what our clients have been highlighting in their feedback to us for more than 30 years :

- our unique ability to quickly understand complex situations and act on them
- the humility of our approach allied with our socio-technical culture
- our disconcertingly open minded approach to change management

We strive equally to obtain the desired results in terms of business (or institutional) performance and in terms of employee satisfaction.

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